Juli 05, 2015

CSR Assessment and Development CSR Strategy of Hotel Industry in Surakarta

CSR Assessment and Development CSR Strategy of Hotel Industry in Surakarta

Kartika Hendra Titisari
Islamic Batik University Surakarta

Understanding of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which is became mandatory for all companies currently growing in the community. The old paradigm of companies only have a duty to the shareholder is not able to run by the company, if the company wants to grow and exist in its efforts. Tripple button line popularized by john Elkington (1997) became mandatory for all companies.
The city of Surakarta, better known as the city of culture now gets the predicate as a MICE (meeting-incentives-conferences and exhibition). The predicate of the hospitality industry promote the development of MICE in Surakarta, with various facilities. As the development of the city, the hotel continues to experience increased development along with apartment and mall which is also growing rapidly. To support the existence of the existence of the hospitality industry, the construction of the image or reputation of a business cannot be separated from itself. To achieve this company conducts various programs communicate with the community, including by implementing CSR.
To support the existence of the hospitality industry as well as the contribution to the city of Surakarta as the town MICE, this research will examine the implementation of CSR that has been run by the hospitality industry in Surakarta and developing CSR strategies model the hospitality industry. The sample used in this study is star hotels. The package includes 2 questionnaires to employees of the hotel to find out their understanding of CSR and to the management of the hotel to find out the policy of CSR practice that has been run by the company.
The results showed an understanding of CSR implementation the perception of employees of the hotel showed an increase in the understanding of CSR as an increase in the category hotel. Based on interview results obtained that the hotel star 1, 2, and 3 are already running but there is no form for sure. 4 star hotels and 5 run CSR activity in accordance with the outline of the central office.
Seen from the CSR terminology based on questionnaire results, there are increasing in the indicator's vision and strategy, oversight and accountability, risk identification and management. Improving external disclosure of the composition of Commissioners and Commissioners occur at 1-and 2-star to 3-star hotel. However, there was a decrease to 4 and 5 star hotels and below the 1 and 2 star hotel because the hotel star 4 and 5 run CSR strategies set by the Central Office.
CSR 1-star hotel, 2, and 3 more in the direction of imaging in the surrounding environment and have not touched to a wider scope, is not the case for the 4 and 5 stars. 1 star hotel, 2 and 3 needs to start developing a CSR strategy that aligns with business strategy because of obligations apply to all corporate CSR. Recommendations for the development of strategies and implementation of CSR in this research with the model approaches the ISO 26000

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